Honky Tonk Wisdom

Min favoritNashvilleHonkyTonkare och snickare JP Harris är månadens artist hos tidningen The Bluegrass Situation och jag fastnade för dom här peppande raderna i intervjun där med honom.
"I’ve had a crazy-cool life that’s been hard and really fortunate and everything in between. I’m just a dude who lived a neat life and made some very good and some very bad and some unconventional choices. If that seems fantastical, or like some kind of Bob Dylan or Woody Guthrie fairytale thing, take a little piece of that home with you and apply that to some part of your life. Go up to that girl in the bar you’ve had a crush on for two years and ask her for a date. Help the old lady that you feel bad watching from your apartment window cross the street every day by herself. Hold the door for somebody. Quit your fucking job. Find something else you want to do. Leave the city. Move from the country to the city. Take part of what I’ve done and turn that into your life story."
Jag äger en hel massa cowboyboots, har en brun häst och en röd liten stuga. Jag älskar att resa och blir lycklig av mat och pynt. Kan inte leva utan musik och jag blir inspirerad av det mesta runt omkring mig.
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